17 may 2018

Deadpool 2

Con gran placer os anuncio que ya está publicada mi crítica de Deadpool 2 (David Leitch, 2018) en Underbrain Mgz:

Pocas veces he podido decir esto, pero aquí está: Deadpool 2 es mejor que su predecesora. Me reí a carcajadas de principio a fin (aunque a veces era el único en la sala que se reía). Pecado verla doblada.

3 comentarios:

FabianLedes dijo...

Se nota que cuando decía Chayanne, no lo decía en realidad...
y no me pareció mejor que la primera. pero sobre gustos...

Raúl Calvo dijo...

A mí me pareció mejor pq la historia es más elaborada y las escenas de acción son mucho mejores.

Unknown dijo...

los movies - I am a bug fan of marvel comics and movies. When the first movie came out I could believe how good it was so good that I watched it 2 times in cinema and then bought blu Ray and watched it a couple of times since then, it always makes me laugh so hard. I had some expectations for this one but didn't expect much since I didnt want to be disappointed but I could never imagine it being so bad.Story has improved since first movie but everything else went wrong. There is quite a few new characters but they all are just there without any characteristics they are just there On the other side everything is focused on deadpool even cable isn't developed as he should be. Jokes are flat, no one was laughing maybe just one or twice for a short period but thats it everything is forced. Cgi omg. ..There better and more realistic animations on ps3 games and even ps2 at some points. .
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